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Develop students' understanding of the language, structure, and meaning in poetry.

  • Big books share the reading and enjoyment of rhyme, rhythm, and repetition.
  • Genre study helps students comprehend, analyze, and write poetry.
  • Intervention resources help develop phonemic awareness and recognition of word families.

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Big Books

  • Shared Reading Classics

    Fiction Big Books by Brenda Parkes
    Develop early reading strategies through rhyme, rhythm, and repetition. Beloved classics engage young readers with familiar tales and characters.
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  • Shared Reading Foundations

    Informational and Literary Big Books combine beautiful illustrations with rhythm, rhyme and repetition to develop foundational skills.
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  • Reader's Theater: Nursery Rhymes and Songs

    Develop sight word knowledge, print concepts and oral language skills with scripts based on classic nursery rhymes and songs.
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Genre Study

  • Readers' & Writers' Genre Workshop

    Teach genre features and cross-text literacy analysis with posters aligned to Common Core text types.
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  • Reader's Theater: Classics

    Introduce stories and events in a student's native language!
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  • Text Connections

    Standards-based theme sets provide four types of books, including innovative Opinion books, to develop close reading, cross-text analysis, and text-based comprehension.
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  • Phonics Skill Bags

    StartUp, BuildUp, and SpiralUp Phonics Skill Bag Kits are a proven solution to teaching phonics in an intervention or small-group classroom setting. Ready-to-use Skill Bags include all you need to teach ONE skill in each bag.
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