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Enable intermediate students to comprehend, analyze, and respond to increasingly complex text.

  • Leveled books support the continued learning and application of higher-level strategies.
  • Text pairs provide matching content at two different reading levels.
  • Reader's Theater further develops comprehension through multimodality experiences.

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Leveled Books

  • Navigators

    Leveled Text Theme Sets
    Develop reading skills while reinforcing academic vocabulary and content. Captivating texts engage older readers and bring Science and Social Studies to life.
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  • Readers' & Writers' Genre Workshop

    Teach genre features and cross-text literacy analysis with posters aligned to Common Core text types.
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  • Text Connections

    Standards-based theme sets provide four types of books, including innovative Opinion books, to develop close reading, cross-text analysis, and text-based comprehension.
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  • PRIME Science Plus

    Text pairs help diverse middle school students build scientific knowledge, improve nonfiction comprehension, and develop evidence-based answers.
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Text Pairs

  • Differentiated Instruction Text Pairs

    Differentiated text pairs provide access to grade-level content for on-level and below-level readers.
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Reader's Theater

  • Reader's Theater: Word Plays

    PLAYing with words helps improve language arts proficiency and strengthen foundational skills.
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  • Reader's Theater: Content-Area Concepts

    Multi-leveled scripts support core curriculum content through active learning for readers at early through fluent levels.
    Multi-leveled scripts support core curriculum content through active learning, and let you integrate content into the reading block.
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  • Reader's Theater: Folktales, Myths, and Legends

    Enrich literature study with play adaptations based on traditional genres from state and Common Core standards.
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