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Increase students' ability to understand grade-level text and write evidence-based responses.

  • Leveled books enable students to read successfully and access increasingly complex text.
  • Reader's Theater helps students improve their comprehension and fluency.
  • Writer's workshop resources develop students' ability to compose meaningful text.

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Leveled Books

  • Text Connections

    Standards-based theme sets provide four types of books, including innovative Opinion books, to develop close reading, cross-text analysis, and text-based comprehension.
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  • Early Connections

    Support content-area instruction with leveled texts by theme, and integrate Science, Social Studies, and Math into the reading block.
    Develop an understanding of science, social studies, and math with leveled texts by theme. Integrate K-2 content-area standards into the reading block.
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  • Navigators

    Leveled Text Theme Sets
    Develop reading skills while reinforcing academic vocabulary and content. Captivating texts engage older readers and bring Science and Social Studies to life.
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  • Readers' & Writers' Genre Workshop

    Teach genre features and cross-text literacy analysis with posters aligned to Common Core text types.
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Reader's Theater

  • Reader's Theater: Word Plays

    PLAYing with words helps improve language arts proficiency and strengthen foundational skills.
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  • Reader's Theater: Content-Area Concepts

    Multi-leveled scripts support core curriculum content through active learning for readers at early through fluent levels.
    Multi-leveled scripts support core curriculum content through active learning, and let you integrate content into the reading block.
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  • Reader's Theater: Folktales, Myths, and Legends

    Enrich literature study with play adaptations based on traditional genres from state and Common Core standards.
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Writer's Workshop

  • Benchmark Writer's Workshop

    Ready-to-use tools, explicit mini-lessons, and detailed support help you implement a workshop model that teaches students to write informational, opinion, and narrative prose.
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