2nd Grade Leveled Reading Books

2nd Grade Leveled Reading Books

At the transitional stage, 2nd Grade readers have full control over early reading strategies, and are developing comprehension strategies and thinking on higher levels. Second Grade readers use multiple sources to gain and infer meaning, including graphic sources, fonts and special effects, and text organizers. Transitional 2nd grade readers have a wider vocabulary and use refined decoding skills on a regular basis. They read longer, complex texts with a greater degree of understanding.

Nonfiction text features introduced developmentally

  • Nonfiction/fiction
  • 16-20 pages
  • Moderate-to-low picture/text match
  • Line breaks by phrases for fluency

National Standards–based content areas featuring titles in themed groups:

2nd Grade Science Titles
2nd Grade Social Studies Titles
2nd Grade Math Titles
2nd Grade Biography Titles
2nd Grade How-To Titles