Reader's Theater Scripts

Meet language art standards and engage students in learning skills, genres, and content with Award-Winning Reader's Theater!

Leveled Reader's Theater scripts offer roles at different reading levels so that mixed-ability groups can learn core curriculum content and explore literature together.

Reader's Theater scripts are so engaging, students can't help but participate eagerly as they build foundational skills for language and literacy.

  • Extend content knowledge
  • Develop fluency skills

Word Plays

PLAYing with words helps improve language arts proficiency and strengthen foundational skills.

Common Core Cross-Text Sets

Help your students build cross-text analysis skills with genre and content texts linked to matching play adaptations.

Nursery Rhymes & Songs

Develop sight word knowledge, print concepts and oral language skills with scripts based on classic nursery rhymes and songs.

My First Reader's Theater

Teach high-frequency words and concepts about print through choral-reading scripts that support early reading strategies.

Folktales, Myth and Legends

Enrich literature study with play adaptations based on traditional genres from state and Common Core standards.

Content-Area Concepts TCA AWARD WINNER

Multi-leveled scripts support core curriculum content through active learning for readers at early through fluent levels.

Reader's Theater Classics

Read and original classic, perform the play adaption, then analyze both for deeper understanding.