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Narrative Nonfiction

Strengthen students' critical thinking and comprehension skills with engaging narrative nonfiction.

  • Big books share the lives and ideas of others to help students write about their own.
  • Genre study develops students' ability to understand authors' techniques and analyze content.
  • E-resources link audio, text, and images to enhance students' understanding.

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Narrative Nonfiction

Big Books

  • Mi primer taller de géneros literarios

    Engaging Big Books help young students understand and create the 3 key text types emphasized in the Common Core Standards: Informational, Narrative and Opinion.
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Genre Study

  • Spanish Readers' & Writers' Genre Workshop

    Teach genre features and cross-text literacy analysis with posters algined to Common Core text types.
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  • Navegadores

    Leveled Text Theme Sets
    Develop reading skills while reinforcing academic vocabulary and content. Captivating texts engage older readers and bring Science and Social Studies to life.
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