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7 Reasons to Choose Benchmark Education


Meets the New Expectations

  • Close reading
  • Cross-text analysis
  • Finding and using text evidence

Meets the Needs of Diverse Learners

  • Precise leveling
  • Effective scaffolding
  • Differentiated instruction


Meets the Needs of Today’s Teachers

  • Effective educational tools
  • Detailed instructional support
  • Customized professional development

Meets the Need for Digital Resources

  • Online version of virtually all publications
  • E-books optimized for close reading
  • Surprisingly affordable subscription options


NEW Research Shows Outstanding Achievement

Diverse students using Benchmark Education’s core, supplemental, and intervention programs achieved significantly higher scores, according to 2016 evidence-based studies.

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Professional Development with Fidelity of Implementation

Help educators make full use of their new resources and shift to the new standards through customized PD proven to accelerate student achievement in scientific studies.


Customized Sets That Meet District Needs

For more information, call an educational consultant at 1-866-805-3760, or click “Find a Rep” at the bottom of our website home page:

Innovative, comprehensive literacy programs provide year-long, meaningful instruction.

Award-winning resources support targeted teaching and learning goals.

Easy-to-use programs help struggling learners meet grade-level standards.